Leather Info

The Italian leather used in most of our products is from one of the best known tanneries in Italy where vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition that has been handed down through the generations. This tanning process gives a more natural finish and colour to the leather than those that have been highly pigmented or given a synthetic coating. It is therefore far more environmentally friendly.

The company that our leather is purchased from produces a more robust version of the vegetable tanned leather so will not stain and mark as readily as some vegetable tanned products on the market. Having said that there are some basic tips below on how to look after any leather item that you purchase.

The leather has a certain amount of natural oil and wax in the finish and will age and change over time, developing its own patina. You can nourish it with a leather cream every so often if you want to help protect it. If you are worried about any scratches you can rub it with a finger and the oils in it often make it disappear. The natural oils in leather make it slightly water resistant. However, water can still mark the leather so try to avoid getting it wet and leaving it in direct sunlight. If it does get wet then dry naturally, not in front of a direct heat source.

There are many leather creams/conditioners on the market.

A good general handbag/leather goods protector is called ‘Everyday 3 in 1’ from www.thehandbagspa.com